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One Comment

  1. Jo says:

    The difference in Clay’s appearance was caused by TMJ surgery on both jaws, which had to be broken and reconstructed. There were also some minor changes in his neck due to these surgeries. Other than that, the boy has become an adult. How about that. Have any of you changed in 8 years?

  2. Lee says:

    Wow, what a headline. “Clay Aiken gets plastic surgery” when, in fact, you have no earthly idea if he really did or any real facts to back that up. But it makes a great headline! It was almost 10 years ago when he was on Idol and he was an skinny nerdy kid with red hair and glasses. He has matured, changed his hair, got contacts, gained some weight, and filled out a lot, so of course he is going to look different. He did get some work done on his teeth and had his jaw realigned or something, so maybe that’s what some people are seeing. Maybe it’s just people trying to stir up some crap.

  3. Carole Hart says:

    These reports irk me to no end. Clay had TMJ problems and they had to break both jaws. On National TV he admitted to having a little pouch of fat removed from under his chin while he was in surgery for the TMJ. He has had work done on his teeth as most of us would do if we could afford it but guess what everyone …… the skinny gawky (but still cute) young man who appeared at first on American Idol has all grown up now into a very good looking young man. That pic that is used on CA is not a great picture of him. May I suggest that you look at any or all the other pics that were taken during the taping of this show and what you see is what you get …. a very good looking man whose stubble is a favourite with a lot of the fans. What they did do or didn’t do with this photo is a mystery to me as it doesn’t really portray the man the fans have gotten to know.

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