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Reality TV, ASPCA, Animal Adoptions/ organizations, Makeup/Beauty, Sports (Warriors/Giants)

>Voted 2012’s Hottest Woman in Radio

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Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Have a Lip Sync Battle on Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s Lip Sync battles are the BEST!! This time it was The Voice judges, Gwen Stefani vs. Blake Shelton and it’s awesome! Who do you think wins this one? I mean I’m so Team [...]

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7. Sarah Jessica Parker, ($15 million)

50 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex And The City

This is so my show! I am still obsessed with Sex And The City and watch it on a regular basis, but as much as I love this show, I still din’t know so many [...]

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Hot Dad’s At Disneyland Instagram

Best Instagram account ever! Ladies, you have to follow. A new IG page dedicated to the Hot Dad’s at Disneyland! Okay who says that a trip to the happiest place on earth has to be [...]


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VIDEO: Beyonce Forgot to Lip Sync

It seems like all stars at one point or another end up having a lip sync fail, but this time it’s Queen Bey who got caught forgetting to lip sync at one of her concerts. [...]

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Viral Video: A Game Of Peak A Boo Gone Wrong!

Poor Baby! I would react the same way if my dad pulled a prank like this on me!

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Viral Video: Who’s The Best Dog?

This dog definitely has an ego and knows who the best dog is!

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Pitbull (Courtesy RCA Records)

Behind The Scenes Of Pitbull’s ‘Fireball’ Video!!

Okay everyone knows Pitbull is my favorite!!! Where was my invite to be in this video? Agh! Next time ;) Check out the behind the scenes footage for Pitbull’s song ‘Fireball!’ I love this song! [...]


(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Viral Video: Frat Boys Lip Dub Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off

LOL! Nothing more hilarious than frat boys who don’t take themselves seriously… These Delta Sigma Phi brothers did a lip dub of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off,’ These guys are so awesome for doing this!! [...]

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(Photo by RJ O'Shaughnessy/Columbia Records)

Video Tribute To Miserable Concert Dads

These dads definitely don’t get enough credit! The awesome dads that take their daughters to One Direction concerts and sit through the show looking miserable. Well, someone made a tribute video for them! You have [...]

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(Photo by Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images)

Jimmy Kimmel Lie Witness News New York Fashion Week Edition

I LOVE when Jimmy Kimmel does Lie Witness News! He catches so many people taking nonsense but pretending to know what they’re talking about New York Fashion Week! Kimmel sent his crew to where Lincoln [...]

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