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Letty B

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Weekdays 10AM – 2PM
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Letty B’s Interests:

Lifestyle: Yoga, Healthy Living, Fitness, Pinterest Decorating

Social: Shopping, Shoes, Girls Weekends (Napa-Las Vegas), Clubs

Reality TV, ASPCA, Animal Adoptions/ organizations, Makeup/Beauty, Sports (Warriors/Giants)

>Voted 2012’s Hottest Woman in Radio


Ed Sheeran sings Crashes Wedding and Sings ‘Thinking Out Loud’!

Omg I would’ve died! This is the perfect wedding song, this couple is so lucky! Ed Sheeran is such a good sport. He crashed a wedding after the newlywed couple, Kya and Matt, had to […]

997 Now–03/27/2015

Jimmy Fallon

Viral Video: Jimmy Fallon as Mitt Romney

Who is who? Jimmy Fallon or Mitt Romney?

997 Now–03/26/2015

(Photo: THOMAS SAMSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Viral Video: Amazing Time-Lapse Video Of Disneyland Park Construction!

This is so cool to see! If you’re a big Disney fan like I am then you’ll love seeing this Time-Lapse video of the park’s construction from its early days to now!   “As we […]

997 Now–03/25/2015

(STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

Viral Video: Adorable Golden Retriever’s Food Catching Fail!

OMG, this is the cutest! Sit back and enjoy this adorable video of  Fritz, the Golden Retriever that can NOT catch any of the food thrown at him! Hot dogs, pizza, meatballs…all a miss but […]

997 Now–03/24/2015

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Viral Video: Will Ferrell Shows Up on The Tonight Show Dressed as Little Debbie

Will Ferrell is not himself, he is a woman! Check out the video!

997 Now–03/19/2015

Jimmy Fallon

Viral Video: The First Teaser Trailer For Lip Sync Battle Has Been Released And It Is Epic!

When Jimmy Fellon’s Lip Sync competition proved to be such a huge success on The Tonight Show it is no surprise that Spike Tv picked it up to create one of the most epic show ever […]

997 Now–03/18/2015

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

OMG Justin Bieber And Madonna Play Sex Themed ‘Never Have I Ever’ on Ellen

Ooooh man!! Justin appeared on Ellen alongside Madonna and they played ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Ellen and answered questions about hooking up in a bathroom, Phone sex, and if they’ve ever been kicked out […]

997 Now–03/18/2015

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Jimmy Kimmel & Matthew McConaughey Make A Commercial For A Video Store

These guys are hilarious! I can’t believe they actually made a real commercial for a video store in Texas.   Who knew video stores still even existed! So Jimmy Tweeted and offered to help a […]

997 Now–03/18/2015

(Photo by Frank Polich/Getty Images)

VIral Video: Time-Lapse Video of Chicago’s River Going Green!

This is so cool! Every year the city of Chicago turns the river green for St. Patty’s Day,  in this time lapse video you can see it turn Green in a few mins. It’s so […]

997 Now–03/17/2015

Jimmy Fallon

Viral Video: Jimmy Fallon Tests Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Swift Knowledge

I can not get enough of this video! Jimmy Fallon comes up with the greatest games to play amongst his guests, bringing on some of the best laughs ever! In this video Wiz teams Up […]

997 Now–03/17/2015