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Lifestyle: Yoga, Healthy Living, Fitness, Pinterest Decorating

Social: Shopping, Shoes, Girls Weekends (Napa-Las Vegas), Clubs

Reality TV, ASPCA, Animal Adoptions/ organizations, Makeup/Beauty, Sports (Warriors/Giants)

>Voted 2012’s Hottest Woman in Radio

(Youtube User: Leyna Ambron)

Happy National Dog Day!!

If you are a dog lover this video will make your day!

997 Now–12 hours ago

(YouTube User: Pit Bull and Bully Breeds Lovers)

Viral Video: Pitbull Loves Bubbles!

This pit bull is so excited to play with bubbles he’s jumping for joy!

997 Now–14 hours ago

Ariana Grande

VIDEO Ariana Falls Backstage At VMAs And Big Sean Is There To Catch Her

Backstage cameras caught the rumored couple holding hands back stage at the award show. Ariana even takes a tumble while holding hands with her new guy Big Sean!

997 Now–14 hours ago

Taylor Swift

Flash Mob Invades Restaurant to Taylor Swift!!

How Exciting must it be to witness a flashmob unfold in front of you! Whats even more exciting is for the artist that they danced to watch the video and love it!! Dance Dimensions dance [...]

997 Now–14 hours ago

(Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Dog Blows Bubbles in Pool

So cute! I wish my Foxy could do cool tricks like this! How did his owner teach him to blow bubbles in the pool??!?! So cute! I love how big dogs love the pool and [...]

997 Now–08/25/2014

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Iggy Azalea Falls Off Stage At Pre-VMA Performance

OMG that looks like it hurt so bad! Iggy Azalea took a big fall right off the stage during a pre VMA performance and it was caught on video. Iggy was performing “Fancy” at a [...]

997 Now–08/25/2014

Jake Miller

Video: Jake Miller Interview With Letty B And Strawberry At Summer Splash 2014

Letty B and Strawberry caught up with Jake Miller backstage at 99.7 [NOW!] Summer Splash 2014 at California’s Great America.

997 Now–08/19/2014

Cher Lloyd

Video: Cher Lloyd Interview With Letty B At Summer Splash 2014

Letty B caught up with Cher Lloyd backstage at 99.7 [NOW!] Summer Splash 2014 at California’s Great America.

997 Now–08/19/2014

Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 11.00.16 AM

Viral Video: Baby Loves Pit Bull Kisses!

Omg this pit bull loves giving this baby kisses and the baby loves it!! Seriously who can hate pit bulls ?! Look at the love this cutie gives to a little baby! So adorable! Awwww [...]

997 Now–08/12/2014

(Youtube User: Ricky Weems Jr)

Adorable Father Daughter Rap: ‘Kickin’ It Wit My Daddy’

This father and daughter have created the cutest rap ever!! It’s so sweet and endearing to see a man and his daughter have such a cute bond and be so in love. And not to [...]

997 Now–08/07/2014


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