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Active Lifestyle: Triathlons, Half Marathons, Mud Runs/Obstacle courses, Hiking, Cross-Fit, Swimming, Snowboarding, Dodge-ball

Social: BBQ Master & Kitchen King, Expert tailgater, Night Club hopper, & Movie lover.

Personal: Proud owner of two full bred boxers, Habitat For Humanity volunteer, Indiscriminate sports enthusiast. (Football/Basketball/Baseball/Soccer)

Nearly Done

Most Googled Thanksgiving Recipes, By State

Check out what recipe California googled the most!

2 hours ago

TSA Displays Unusual Array Of Weapons And Prohibited Items Seized At JFK Airport

San Francisco Man Stabs Boyfriend Of Woman He “Cat Called”

Man gets stabbed nine times for defending his girlfriend from a cat caller .

2 hours ago

Thanksgiving Turkey Cooking (credit: Thinkstock)

Thanksgiving Life Hacks (Kitchen Hacks)

SImple hacks to help out for traditional Thanksgiving meals!

3 hours ago

Record Snowstorm Pummels Buffalo

VIDEO: Owners Dig A Snow Maze For Their Puppy

Check out this Snow Maze a guy made for his dog!

4 hours ago

jordin sparks and jason derulo break up

Jordan Sparks Releases Jason Derulo Diss Track

Jordan Sparks released a new single! Can you guess who it’s about?

4 hours ago

Interviews For A Vampire At The Circus Of Horrors

Top 15 Names Of Crazy Men

List going around online of top 15 names associated with crazy men.

5 hours ago

credit Getty Images

High School Offers Class ‘How To Handle The Police’

Want to know how to handle a sticky situation with the police? Well there’s a class for that. Check out the details here.


(Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Top 15 Names Of Crazy Women

List of the top fifteen names of crazy women.


(Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Things You Just HAVE To Watch Thanksgiving Week

Shows, movies, and television specials that you just need to watch this week.


Panhandlers' Placards Show Signs Of Continued Economic Hardship

Homeless Man Films A Day In His Life Living On Streets

Meet a homeless man who borrows a camera a records his daily routine. Watch the video here as he gets real!



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