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Strawberry’s Interests:

Active Lifestyle: Triathlons, Half Marathons, Mud Runs/Obstacle courses, Hiking, Cross-Fit, Swimming, Snowboarding, Dodge-ball

Social: BBQ Master & Kitchen King, Expert tailgater, Night Club hopper, & Movie lover.

Personal: Proud owner of two full bred boxers, Habitat For Humanity volunteer, Indiscriminate sports enthusiast. (Football/Basketball/Baseball/Soccer)


#Takeover997 Piedmont Hills High

Probably one of the most energetic schools we’ve had this year! Piedmont Hills came in SUPER stoked to be here and meant business! Had an awesome playlist with some killer throwbacks and a lot of […]


HS TakeOver Digital Flyer

#Takeover997 Santa Teresa High!

Santa Teresa came in here rolling deep! One of the biggest groups we’ve had! Everyone had a super great energy and it showed on air! Had an awesome playlist that included a throwback to some […]



#Takeover 997 Hillsdale High!

Hillsdale High, while a little low in numbers, came in ready to turn up! They had an awesome playlist ready that was filled with throw backs, as well as new music by Justin Timberlake! Took […]



#Takeover997 St. Ignatius Prep

Man! While it was a small group this time around they made up for it with how much awesome energy ST. Ignatius had tonight! Started the night with a throwback from Usher and ended with […]


HS TakeOver Digital Flyer

#Takeover997 Willow Glen High

Oh man! Willow Glen High was suuuper prepared to come in and takeover 997! Had a killer playlist which premiered new Fifth Harmony! Gave away DJ Snake tickets and made sure our snapchat showed all […]


HS TakeOver Digital Flyer

#Takeover997 Mountain View High!

Mountain View High came in here ready to tear this place up!! So much great energy they even had the principle join in!Of course they had a great playlist tonight, which included a throwback to […]


HS TakeOver Digital Flyer

#Takeover997 Sequoia High!!

Sequoia High was waiting all week to come in and they definitely killed it tonight!! Started things off right with a throwback and continued to turn up with a killer playlist. It was their first […]


HS TakeOver Digital Flyer

#Takeover997 MT. Pleasant High!

The ladies of MT. Pleasant High came in here ready to kill it! And that’s just what they did! They had a killer playlist that defiantly made the turn up REAL! Took over our Snapchat […]



#Takeover997 Rancho Cotate!

Rancho Cotate rolls deep! One of the biggest Takeovers we had, and they did an amazing job! Came in with a killer playlist and made sure everyone knew it! They took over our snapchat account […]


HS TakeOver Digital Flyer

#Takeover997 with Riordan High!

Man! The guys of Riordan High came in here like they knew exactly what to do! The entire DJ club came in and did a killer job taking over for an entire hour! They played […]


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