Burglar Logs Into Facebook While Robbing House, Did Not Log Out

Minnesota man breaks into a house to rob it and makes the genius decision to log onto Facebook during the crime. What wasn’t so genius of this man was to leave his account logged on for the owner of the house to find when he returned home.


Miami Police Set Up DUI Checkpoint For Holiday Drivers

Video: Grand Theft Auto And Driving Under The Influence In Weird News Wednesday

A Daly City man gets caught with a stolen car on his way to the court house and Georgia Police charge a man with a DUI for crashing into a patrol car and being to drunk to notice.


Keveen Quintanilla (San Mateo County Sheriff/s Office)

Flirtatious San Mateo Burglary Suspect Arrested In Date Sting

A man was arrested for burglarizing a San Mateo restaurant after a worker recognized him from a previous flirtatious exchange and helped police in a sting operation.

997 Now–03/26/2014