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Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (04.18.17)The guys are enjoying their brand new office chairs, MTV is debuting a TRL style type show this summer, and clear coffee might just save your teeth from coffee stains. A new trend of live streaming weddings is happening, Prince's doctor prescribed meds under a fake name, and we play Win Greg's Money. We discuss the fine lines of cheating, listeners call in to tell us what they consider cheating, and Caitlyn Jenner revealed she got reconstructive surgery.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.17.17)Greg throws shade at everyone for their lack of green, Tyra Banks is back to hosting America's Next Top Model, and Sephora's latest app update allows you to try on makeup virtually. Caitlyn Jenner is rumored to be joining the Real Housewives cast, and the guys do Reality Wreck. One teacher came in to school drunk, listeners call in about their crazy teachers, and people are over the Walking Dead.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (01.04.17)Caitlyn Jenner is releasing a new collection with MAC. George Michael's music sales went way up after his death. Janet Jackson welcomes her first son at age 50.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (10.04.16)The guys talk about National Taco Day, Demi Lovato is throwing shade at Taylor Swift, and a club for beautiful people only is opening up in LA. There have been more clown sightings in the Bay, more details about Kim's robbery have come out, and  we play Win Gregs Money. Listeners call in to tell us which Halloween candy they hate, Donald Trump is getting in more trouble, and Halle Barry says Ric Flair is lying about his encounter with her.
Kim Kardashian-West Clears Up Confusion Over Her 2016 Candidate ChoiceAfter reports that the celebrity was "on the fence" about her 2016 vote, she announced Sunday exactly whom she is backing...
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.24.16)Greg spotted a funny Pokemon sign on the streets, Britney Spears is the newest edition to Carpool Karaoke, and Usain Bolt has been caught red handed cheating on his girlfriend. A man bit off someone's finger outside a bar in SF, Linda Thompson reveals some crazy details about Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, and Greg's mom Ginger calls in. A new study shows that germs are in places you wouldn't expect, listeners call in to give us tips on cleaning, and Tom Brady shares his crazy diet tips.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (08.05.16)Caitlyn Jenner sues paparazzi over fatal car accident incident. Adele reveals her credit card was declined at H&M in San Jose. Gwen Stefani says she went through months of torture with Gavin Rossdale.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (06.21.16)Hillary Clinton bans social media at her fundraising event. Caitlyn Jenner celebrated Father's Day with ONLY Kylie Jenner. TV series on Michael Jackson's final days is now in development. Selma Blair had to be carried out of an airplane after having an outburst.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (05.05.16)The guys talk about the true, and not-so-true meaning of Cinco De Mayo, Channing Tatum is taking 'Magic Mike' to Vegas LIVE, and Caitlyn Jenner will appear naked on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The ladies play homo vs hetero, Britney Spears' crazy past is brought to life, and KPIX weather reporter Roberta Gonzalez gives us some knowledge of this holiday. Listeners call in to give us their best gritos, and Janet Jackson announced her pregnancy.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (04.18.16)Taylor Swift attended Coachella and a wedding all in one day. Liam Hemsworth says he is NOT engaged to Miley Cyrus. Caitlyn Jenner is being pressured to date men for ratings boost.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (04.04.16)The Kesha vs Dr.Luke drama isn't over yet. Adam Levine confirms his girl's pregnancy as she shows off baby bump. Caitlyn Jenner is making an appearance on the Amazon show 'Transparent'
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.02.16)Caitlyn Jenner finally admitted to wanting to date a man, Making A Murderer season 2 is coming, and Draymond Green saved the game with a winning shot. Weird News Wednesday includes a dead woman at an Air BnB, Kim K is getting sued and Justin Bieber went exploring in a cave for his birthday. Greg takes a Hollywood actress quiz and we give out another pair of Prince tickets!

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