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Ginger’s “Secret” Crockpot Candy Recipe!

Greg’s mom Ginger shares her “secret” Crockpot Candy recipe with us so that we can all make and enjoy this delicious treat! Everyone is dying to learn so if you want the entire recipe, keep […]

997 Now–12/18/2013

Kimmel's Halloween Prank (credit: YouTube Screenshot)

The Outbreak: Viral Videos of The Week

Catch the “Outbreak” of the most trending viral videos infecting the internet this week…


Red Vines Black Licorice. (CBS)

Lead Found In Licorice Made By Union City Firm

UNION CITY (CBS / AP) — California health officials are warning consumers not to eat black licorice twist candies made by Red Vines because they contain too much lead.

997 Now–08/23/2012

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Halloween Candy That Can Lead to Death

Trick-or-treating is fun for everyone! But now the FDA says there’s candy out there that is extremely bad for your health and can cause hospitalization or even death! Can you guess which candy this is? […]


MOViN’s Triple Ho Hi-Lo Contest

MOViN wants to hook you up with the hottest tech toy of the year, an iPad, plus four FRONT ROW tickets to the hottest show of the winter, the Triple Ho Show.  You want in? […]


Monday’s Daily Podcast with F&G!

Daily Podcast 11.01.10 Should the word ‘bitch’ be banned from TV? The Giants might win it all! Cameron Diaz is hangin’ out with a ‘Glee’ star.


Celebrate Easter With The F&G Side Show

Side Show Podcast | 04/02/2010 PLEASE NOTE: Contains EXPLICIT Material and is not suitable for younger listeners. CBS 5 reporter Anna Duckworth joins Fernando and Greg on the Side Show to talk about local news […]