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Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen FINALLY Comes Clean! #LosingFinnnnaaaallly!! Charlie Sheen has admitted what everyone has been thinking the whole time... Man, GOOD FOR HIM!
Rihanna Talks That Talk in Charlie Sheen Twitter FeudCharlie Sheen and Rihanna happened to be at the same restaurant last night in Los Angeles, but according to the former, the latter blew him off when it came to meeting up. Explaining the tweets that would come.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (05.23.14)
Pick-A-Side: Most Annoying Celebrity of 2012?From DUIs to assaults, they have been in the news. These are the celebrities at one point in 2012, just irked the hell out of everyone. Vote for the top 10 annoying celebrities of 2012…
Miley Cyrus To Guest Star On ‘Two And A Half Men’Miley will appear on two episodes this fall. By the way, Charlie Sheen thinks her new haircut is winning.
'Idol' Shake Up: Who Will Take Over For J.Lo And Steven Tyler?With both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler saying goodbye to American Idol last week, we round up the rumored candidates who are competing to fill their shoes.
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[VOTE] The Roast Of Charlie Sheen Or Two And A Half Men: Which Will You Watch Tonight?
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Charlie Sheen is Finally Single
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