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Celebrity, Sexuality, And The Importance Of Kim KardashianIt's easy to not like Kim Kardashian. It's simple to dismiss her intelligence and reduce her value to just her physical body. It's a stance widely held, after all.
Orlando Bloom Allegedly Threw A Punch at Justin Bieber Last NightThrowing shade and throwing punches.
Jay-Z Opens 40/40 Club In AirportJay-Z opens a club in an airport! Delayed flight? Layover? Turn up in the terminal!
11 Signs She's A Red Flag At The Club11 ways to avoid the Ratchets, Bottle Rats, Gold Diggers! Signs a girl is a red flag at the club.
Night School Bus Lets Oakland And San Francisco Party Until 4amAwesome startup company called Night School that busses partiers between Oakland and San Francisco until 4am, you will never guess how.
Jay-Z Shoots For Brooklyn 40/40 Club, It's All Nets
Was Lindsay Lohan Involved In Yet Another Altercation?WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Just ten days after a judge terminated Lindsay Lohan’s probation, there’s word the starlet may have gotten into some trouble.
VIDEO: Sammi From Jersey Shore Gets In A Fight!
Club Hangover: Jackie Hollywood's Inappropriate Wednesday Work Attire
VIDEO: Jersey Shore's Deena Freaks Out at Club Bouncer
Party Details from The Mavericks Celebration
VIDEO: Up in Da Club - City Nights - 04.16.11

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