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Daily Podcast

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (09.26.14)

On today’s show: Liam Payne is under scrutiny for posing with a gun, Amber Rose laughs all the way to the bank, and Kim K gets tackled at Paris Fashion Week! The SF Giants get […]

997 Now–09/26/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (09.19.14)

On today’s show: Jennifer Lawrence dances with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Peyton Manning thanks weed for bringing in business, and a prankster lights his friend’s armpit hair on fire while driving! Matthew McConaughey say’s “no no […]

997 Now–09/19/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (09.17.14)

On today’s show: Joan Rivers’ doctor snaps a controversial last selfie, Shia LaBeouf gets a restraining order on some cray cray lady, and lovebirds Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling welcome their baby girl! Kim K […]

997 Now–09/17/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (09.16.14)

On today’s show: Robin Thicke confesses he didn’t write “Blurred Lines” cuz he was too high, Lindsay Lohan may have had a close encounter with the remains of a late diva, and Rihanna blasts the […]

997 Now–09/16/2014

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Fernando & Greg’s Daily Podcast! (09.15.14)

On today’s show: It was a bad weekend for 49er fans, Kanye West tries to literally rile up a disabled concertgoer, and there’s a new Miss America. Nick Jonas becomes a super model, a nervous […]

997 Now–09/15/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (9.12.14)

On today’s show: The NFL continues to face fallout from the Ray Rice scandal, Joan Rivers’ dogs are set for life and Iggy Azalea has a sex tape!? We define “asunder”, Bobby Lee stops by […]

997 Now–09/12/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (09.11.14)

On today’s show: Swipe right and you might just find Britney Spears on Tinder, Kanye was rushed to a Melbourne hospital, and the 49ers announcer gets suspended! Apollo Nida shows up late to the slammer, […]

997 Now–09/11/2014

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Fernando and Greg Daily Podcast! (09.10.14)

On today’s show: Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are in an all out war, details surrounding Joan Rivers’ death surface, and the FBI and Kris Jenner team up! The NFL’s priorities are questioned by all, […]

997 Now–09/10/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (09.09.14)

On today’s show: Beyonce and Jay Z go on vacation instead of getting a divorce, ‘Real Housewives’ stars Teresa and Joe Giudice could be facing jail time, and it’s New York Fashion Week for Miley […]

997 Now–09/09/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (09.04.14)

On today’s show: Hackers that stole Jennifer Lawrence’s pictures refuses to take them down, Eva Longoria has bad history with Apple, and The View will soon have two Rosie’s! Raiders strike a deal to stay […]

997 Now–09/04/2014



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