Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.23.17)It's Pride Weekend and F&G have an appearance tonight, Johnny Depp made some crazy comments about killing the President, and the Warriors are going to be hosting a baseball game. We have your What the Friday stories, a model died after a whipped creme can hit her in the chest, and we're back with Fake News Friday. Our favorite drag queen Heklina joins us for some Pride trivia and we have more updates on Beyonce's twins.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.22.17)DeMario Jackson was asked to return back to 'Bachelor in Paradise' but he doesn't want to do it anymore, Gabourey Sidibe hates when people tell her she lost weight, and someone ran 50 miles to spell out Warriors 2017 NBA Champs on a fitness app. The guys talk about the worst bird poop stories, Jason got a fiesty tweet from a celebrity, and  the ladies play Homo vs Hetero. Shan admits to not knowing what a 401k is, and listeners call in to give advice on saving money.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.21.17)Toady is National Selfie Day, Bachelor in Paradise filming has resumed despite sexual allegations. New Ken dolls are here featuring a diverse range of guys, we bring you Weird News Wednesday, and we talk to Greg's mom Ginger. We talk about kids being at home and lazy for the summer, listeners call in to tell us about their kids schedules, and OJ Simpson is set for a trial hearing.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.20.17)Kim Kardashian's makeup line is set to make $14.4 million in one day, and Marshawn Lynch is giving away free haircuts to students. A baby born on a flight gets rewarded with free flights for life, the guys discuss morning people vs night owls, Netflix is coming out with alternate endings for their shows, and we bring back Homo vs Hetero for Pride Week. We discuss putting exes on blast on social media, listeners call in to talk about getting revenge, and Kevin Durant is helping Steph Curry get more money.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.19.17)It's hot all over the Bay Area, Beyonce had her twins over the weekend, and Michael Phelps has decided to race against a shark. Coconut oil may not be as healthy as you think, and jackie finds some new gems for Tinder Trash. Listeners call in to tell us if they think it's okay to ask parents for permission to marry their daughter, and Steve Kerr forgot to thank Steph Curry during his speech.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.16.17)The guys talk about their Pride appearances, Steve Harvey made some harsh comments about Flint's water, and Amazon is buying Whole Foods. We give you What The Friday, and we go head to head in Fake News Friday with a listener. Hal Sparks joins us live in studio, a Golden Girls reboot is in the works, and Chris Brown's ex got a restraining order against him.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.15.17)Big Reid is on site at the Warriors Parade in Oakland, we have more insight on what happened on set of 'Bachelor in Paradise', and a listener checks in from the Parade. We have a brand new trivia game called "Complete the Query", Miley Cyrus explains why she stopped smoking weed, and we have a winner on Win Greg's Money. Ariana Grande is the first ever honorary citizen of Manchester, and Kevin Durant admits to being super hungover after the Warriors big win.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.14.17)
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.13.17)
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.12.17)The Warriors are on everyone's minds today for Game 5, 'Bachelor in Paradise' filming is coming to a halt due to sexual assault claims, and the refs couldn't stop talking about the Kardashians during the game. Jackie insulted Greg by trying to find better places to watch the game, Jackie, Shan and Reid's music video didn't turn out the way they had planned, and Tinder Trash is back at it again. We take calls on phone fail stories, we tell our own stories of looking down and texting, and Katy Perry is letting people watch her sleep on a live stream to promote her Witness album.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.09.17)The guys talk about their sleep schedules, Taylor Swift released music the same day that Katy Perry did in spite of her, and Jerry Seinfeld explains why he didn't hug Ke$ha. Steph Curry was caught taking an invisible dump on the Cav’s court, What the Friday, and we have a new segment called Fake News Friday. Shan is really upset about her haircut, listeners call in to complain about their hairstyles, and game 4 is tonight and could be the big Warriors win!!!
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.08.17)Jackie had a little Warriors drama this morning, Taylor Swift brought her new bf home to meet her parents, and Kevin Durant had a few words to say about the Finals. Lush Cosmetics employees stripped down for a good cause yesterday, Demi Lovato covered a Paramore song in LA, and we play Win Greg's Money. Jason is still mad over something that happened at his wedding 6 years ago, listeners call in to share crazy wedding stories, and James Comey is on a live stream all morning.

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