Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.23.17)Greg and Jackie got into a huge argument this morning, Beyonce made a cancer patients day by Facetiming her, and a new set of emojis will be released this summer. We got over some of the most important girl codes, President Trump and his wife don't sleep in the same bed, and we play Win Greg's Money. Greg is preparing for his first colonoscopy, listeners call in with their experiences, and Kristi Yamaguchi got Twitter all riled up with her comment.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.21.17)The guys talk about a possible surprise storm, DWTS has caused some controversy, and a python is now a certified masseuse. A weird new diet is the latest trend, Dave Chappelle's feelings have been hurt, and Tom Brady's jersey has been recovered. Listeners call in to tell us about their favorite board games, Ellen has been hospitalized for a wine related incident, and Steph Curry ranks number 5 in celebrity emojis.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.20.17)Happy first day of Spring, Donald Trump kicked One Direction out of his hotel, and today is Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen. Greg accidentally got super high this weekend, the season premiere of KUWTK has everyone talking, and we reveal our Tinder Trash picks. Fernando and Greg called someone a chubby chaser, the Morning Show crew call the guys out for being mean to them on a daily basis, and the FBI is involved in Tom Brady's lost jersey.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.17.17)Greg throws shade at everyone for their lack of green, Tyra Banks is back to hosting America's Next Top Model, and Sephora's latest app update allows you to try on makeup virtually. Caitlyn Jenner is rumored to be joining the Real Housewives cast, and the guys do Reality Wreck. One teacher came in to school drunk, listeners call in about their crazy teachers, and people are over the Walking Dead.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.16.17)The guys discuss Jackie's dental issues, Nick Viall and his new wife are not getting along, and a new string cheese company is coming out with some unconventional flavors. We all give out our 'humble brags', Selena Gomez explains why she deleted Instagram from her phone, and we play Win Greg's Money. Listeners call to tell us about their obsession with their phones, Mandy Moore is explaining why the finale of This Is Us happened the way it did, and more has unraveled in the Andrew 'I'm not gay no more' Caldwell case.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.15.17)Greg throws shade at the East Coast for their weather, and Levis and Google have teamed up to create a "smart" jacket. Weird News Wednesday involves a drunk man looking for a wishing well, Ben Affleck admitted to going to rehab, and Greg's mom Ginger calls in. A man who received a cat as a tip still has it 17 years later, listeners call in to tell us the weirdest tips they ever gave/got, and everyone's talking about the 'This Is Us' season finale.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.14.17)The Bay is experiencing the hottest temperatures of the year, the guys discuss successful spinoff shows, and clear knee mom jeans are the new hot trend. Your breakfast foods could be killing you, we have our Bachelor expert on the line to discuss the show, and we play Win Greg's Money. A pilot proposed and puked at the same time during his flight, listeners call to tell us about their embarrassing proposals, and Beyonce may have revealed her twins sex accidentally.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.13.17)The guys talk about the inconvenience of time change, Ed Sheeran will be starring on the next season of Game of Thrones, and the Get Out Challenge has taken the internet by storm. Jackie does something at work that irks her co-workers, Tyra Banks is replacing Nick Cannon as host of America's Got Talent, and we present a new segment called Tinder Trash. Would a death at a house deter you from buying that house, Get Out scored another 21 million in the box office, and the NCAA brackets are back to cause a scene in the office.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.10.17)Jason makes fun of the guys for wearing shorts today, a promo for the new season of KUWTK is out, and a new browser extension can help get rid of annoying co-workers. One of our own employees got viral from an airline incident, new details of Taylor Swift's stalker are revealed, and Reality Wreck is back. We talk about our main de-stressers, listeners call in to tell us how they relieve their stress, and Steph Curry is now acting in a commercial.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.09.17)Greg re-watched Moonlight a second time, Ed Sheeran responds to ‘lazy journalism’ of Taylor Swift dating reports, and a new movie theater encourages kids to play while their parents watch. One library is teaching kids how to do every day things like finances and resumes, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are postponing their divorce, and we play Win Greg's Money. We talk about crazy TV deaths, listeners share their most devastating character deaths, and one athlete doesn't know much about sports.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.08.17)Happy International Women's Day, Todd Chrisley is under investigation for dodging taxes, and Starburst is finally releasing a bag of the pink ones only. Weird News Wednesday involves a man found dead under a pile of adult magazines, and we talk to Greg's mom Ginger. In honor of the movie 'Get Out', listeners to call in to comment on ridiculous things white people say to black people, and Ed Sheeran is starting a boy band.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.07.17)Alec Baldwin is going to end his Donald Trump impressions soon and MAC Cosmetics has been giving spotlight to a new look called "lollipop lips". Jason has a new obsession that we find hilarious, the paparazzi guy who messed with Louis Tomlinson is known for bothering celebs, and we play Win Greg's Money. The guys talk about getting excited to get drivers licenses at  young age,  listeners call in about their teens driving, and Tom Brady is helping out with peoples diets.

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