Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.16.17)The DJ in the Taylor Swift case says he just wanted a note from Taylor saying nothing happened, and Greg is hooked on the Wheel of Fortune App. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are coming way sooner than expected, Weird News Wednesday includes dead bodies on trains, and Greg's Mom Ginger called in. Katy and Orlando were spotted together again, and listeners call in about getting back with their exes.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.15.17)Taylor Swift won the radio DJ case, the Bachelor in Paradise season premiere started off with the drama of the sexual assault, and Tiger Woods had more drugs in his system than we thought. Sending emojis in a work email can get you fired,  and we play Win Greg's Money. Teachers talk about dress code at their schools, and Oprah reveals why she was never married.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.14.17)Fernando and Greg attended the Lady Gaga show last night, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted together at the Ed Sheeran show, and Greg got into it at Chuck E. Cheese over the weekend. More details in the Taylor Swift court case have been released, and Jackie finds a new batch of people for Tinder Trash. Listeners share inappropriate things their kids have said to others, and Justin Bieber slid into a random girls DMs to tell her she was pretty.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.11.17)Jackie and Greg argue about Big Brother, more details in the Taylor Swift case are emerging, and Lebron James is going to be visiting the Bay on Christmas. Vegetarians are said to be more depressed than meat eaters, What the Friday involves pee at a Metallica concert, and Britney Spears had a scary moment on stage during her show. Listeners call in about their man being obsessed with Fantasy Football, and the Warriors are taking on the Cavs yet again on Christmas Day.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.10.17)Greg almost didn't make it to work today, ‘Bachelorette’ Rachel Lindsay talks about having kids with fiancé, and stadium food is apparently the grossest thing you can eat. Despacito may beat out some throwback songs on the charts, Mariah Carey's backup dancer dishes dirt on her, and we play Win Greg's Money. Listeners call in to tell us how they find "alone time" when they have kids, and Taylor Swift's mom knew something was wrong when she saw the picture of her and the DJ.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.09.17)Greg goes down memory lane about a song he performed as a kid, Taylor Swift's fans were waiting outside the courtroom for her, and Jeremy Meeks is out partying with his new girl. A Cheetos pop-up restaurant is open in NYC for 3 days, and Greg's mom Ginger calls in. Listeners call about expensive kids birthday parties, Kylie Jenner's makeup line earned over $420 million, and more Usher STD news emerges.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.08.17)Happy National Cat Day, we go over The Bachelorette finale, and the average mom works more the equivalent of 2 full time jobs. Pilotless planes could be the next big thing, Greg is getting flirted with by women whenever he has kids around, and we play Win Greg's Money. Listeners call us to tell us the most ridiculous way they've ever gotten injured, and Taylor Swift's radio DJ assault case is finally on trial.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.07.17)We talk about Root Beer Float day at the San Jose Earthquakes game, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are divorcing, and the hottest parties are happening in Vegas for the Mcgregor vs Mayweather fight. Employees at one company can now implant  chip in their wrist instead of wearing badges, and Jackie updates us on the newest Tinder Trash guys. We play Fernando and Greg's interview with Ed Sheeran, and The Panda is back on the SF Giants.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.04.17)The Weeknd might be retiring his stage name, Oprah says she needs to lost weight to be happy, and girls don't want guys to be chivalrous anymore. We give you the What the Friday stories of the day, Get Out got the largest ROI of any movie this year. Marlon Wayans joins us in studio, and Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend is standing up for her man.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.03.17)The guys interviewed Ed Sheeran last night, Demi Lovato opens up about her bipoar disorder, and Jason gets shaded for his photoshoot. We talk about moms who use marijuana to cope with life, and we play Win Greg's Money. Hawaii is the first state to ban texting and walking, listeners call in to tell us the accidents they've gotten in from being distracted on their phones, and Ice Cube is already suspended players in his celebrity  basketball league.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.02.17)Greg starts the morning off with a prayer, Mariah Carey has some words of wisdom for the new judges on the upcoming season of American Idol, and a security guard at Battle of the Bay went crazy on some female fans. A set of twins want to get impregnated by the same man at the same time, Kanye West cant get his money back from his canceled tours, and we talk to Greg's mom Ginger. Listeners call to tell us stories of nightmare roommates, Donald Trump said some negative comments about the White House, and the NFL may start using weed for pain management.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.01.17)Some Bay Area schools are already back in action, R. Kelly's tour dates are getting canceled, and Steph Curry knocked on a random guys door and started partying there. Netflix is in a lot of debt, we have the results for our Hater game, and we play Win Greg's Money. Listeners call in to share labor stories, and the Olympics are going to be held in LA.

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