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Daily Podcast

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (10.23.14)

On today’s show: Kim Kardashian says North will have to work for what she wants, Joan Rivers’ daughter scores big with inheritance money, and Tom Brady and his son talk about their joint Halloween costume. […]

997 Now–10/23/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (10.21.14)

On today’s show: Tori Spelling does not have Ebola, Miley Cyrus’ fan disguises himself as a janitor to get backstage, and Oscar Pistorius gets sentenced! The Giants play Game one of the World Series tonight, […]

997 Now–10/21/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (10.16.14)

On today’s show: Khloe Kardashian may have found out who her real dad is, ‘Bachelorette’ Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried’s wedding is too boring to air on TV, and Giants need one more win to […]

997 Now–10/16/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (10.15.14)

On today’s show: Ke$ha sues Dr. Luke for 10 years worth of abuse, Robin Thicke throws himself a single party, and the Giudice’s are in more trouble! The Giants win another game in the playoffs, […]

997 Now–10/15/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (10.14.14)

On today’s show: Amanda Bynes goes off the rails again, one female rapper gets into it with Snoop Dogg, and Raiders fans egg the Chargers team bus! Also, Katy Perry hints that she might perform at the Super Bowl, Wendy Williams gets sued by her interns, and an Eagles fan steals a prosthetic leg! Iggy Azalea leads American Music Award nominations, the Giants take on the Cardinals at AT&T Park today, and callers chime in with their intern nightmare stories! Plus, it’s Tuesday so that means the boys battle it out in Homo vs. Hetero!

997 Now–10/14/2014

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Fernando and Greg Daily Podcast! (10.10.14)

Joe Giudice double fists wine bottles, Abby Lee Miller is getting sued again, and Iggy Azalea is getting divorced! Kaepernick gets fined once again, Katy Perry is set to perform at the Super Bowl, and San Franciscans get ready for the Giants vs. Cardinals game! Plus, callers chime in with their day drinking stores, Shan gives us makeup tips, and it’s time for WTFriday and another Reality Fight with Ida and Maribeth!

997 Now–10/10/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (10.09.14)

On today’s show: Fernando and Greg pay tribute to Big Buck, Paul Patton files for divorce, and Bethenny Frankel might return to Real Housewives of New York! Andy Cohen chooses the Cardinals over the Giants, […]

997 Now–10/09/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (10.08.14)

On today’s show: A pooch named Einstein wants to be Oakland’s Mayor, Jennifer Lawrence speaks out on her nude pics, and Iggy Azalea plays nurse to her NBA boyfriend! Lil’ Jon turns to politics, Chris […]

997 Now–10/08/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (10.07.14)

On today’s show: Fergie joins Fernando and Greg, Teresa and Joe Giudice open up about their sentence, and InTouch apparently used a drone to cover George Clooney’s wedding! A stripper claims Drake’s posse threatened her […]

997 Now–10/07/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (10.01.14)

On today’s show: The A’s end in heartbreak, the Raiders fire their head coach, and Britney Spears extends her residency in Las Vegas! Taylor Swift talks about her boy troubles *sigh* …again, Nick Jonas flaunts […]

997 Now–10/01/2014



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