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According To Science, California Is The Most Braggy State

Not sorry, either.

997 Now–01/13/2015

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Here Are The Songs People Discussed On Facebook The Most This Year

Ahem: The year in review.

997 Now–12/10/2014

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Here’s Who You Should Unfriend On Facebook

Happy Unfriend Day!

997 Now–11/17/2014

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Mark Zuckerberg And Six Other Guys Who Wear The Same Thing Every Day

Zuck reveals the secret behind his grey shirt uniform.

997 Now–11/13/2014

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Keira Knightley Is Just As Confused About Silicon Valley Culture As You Are

“Well if you ever want to see a spaceship, here’s my card.”

997 Now–11/11/2014

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114-Year-Old Woman Forced To Lie About Her Age To Join Facebook

“I’m still here.”

997 Now–10/15/2014

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Prince Joins Facebook For Q&A, Loses Interest After Single Question

At least he reveals the gold standard?

997 Now–10/01/2014

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San Francisco Drag Queens and Performers Jilted Over Facebook Policy Barring Stage Names

“We’re not trying to pretend to be somebody we’re not.”

997 Now–09/12/2014



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