Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.26.16)The guys talk about football preseason, Britney Spears doesn't believe in marriage, and iPhones must be updated to avoid a hack. Lauren from Fifth Harmony calls into the studio, and What the Friday is bringing you news in sex toys and guns. Jackie interprets the Morning Show's dreams and nightmares, listeners call in to tell us their recurring nightmares, and Katy Perry was part of a catfish scam.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (08.26.16)Rio police finally charge Ryan Lochte for his crimes. Dwayne Johnson named world's top earning Hollywood actor. Your iPhones must be updated immediately if you want to avoid being hacked.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.25.16)Greg is trying to figure out what gifts to buy his parents, Leslie Jones has been hacked and her nude photos released, and a stampede broke out in Taiwan over Pokemon Go. We have a battle of Millennials vs Gen X, Britney Spears reveals she almost drowned, and we play Win Greg's Money. Loud neighbors are a disaster, listeners call in to tell us their horror stories, and Ryan Lochte is rumored to be on Dancing with the Stars next season.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (08.25.16) Leslie Jones has became yet another victim of hacking. Prince's Paisley Park will soon be open for people to tour. J.Lo is single once again... boys line up!
Fernando And Greg’s Side Show Podcast (08.24.16)The entire Side Show cast of characters calls in to talk about plans for the upcoming Side Show party on September 10th at Oasis! Rudy gives an update about his Facebook girlfriend, and Sandra talks about her out of control drinking.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.24.16)Greg spotted a funny Pokemon sign on the streets, Britney Spears is the newest edition to Carpool Karaoke, and Usain Bolt has been caught red handed cheating on his girlfriend. A man bit off someone's finger outside a bar in SF, Linda Thompson reveals some crazy details about Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, and Greg's mom Ginger calls in. A new study shows that germs are in places you wouldn't expect, listeners call in to give us tips on cleaning, and Tom Brady shares his crazy diet tips.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (08.24.16)Tyga has been ordered to pay another $186,000 to his landlord. A Texas teacher implements a 'no homework' policy and the internet is loving it. The world's highest paid actresses list can be found right HERE.
Zendaya Gets An Apology After GMA Host Amy Robach Uses Racial Slur!When working in media the way you say something means a lot to your viewers, GMA Host Amy Robach decided to use the wring words when talking about Zendaya.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.23.16)It's back to school time, Jonah Hill was rushed to the hospital after snorting fake cocaine on set, and your Instagram posts can tell others if you're depressed according to a new study. Reid got out of paying a fat ticket, Riley Curry has an insane new playhouse, and we play Win Greg's Money. A woman sold her wedding dress to pay for her divorce, listeners call us to tell us what they did when their marriage failed, and the DWTS casting director claims she's asked Bill Clinton to compete every single year.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (08.23.16)Good Morning America's Amy Robach apologizes for racial slur made to Zendaya. Making A Murderer's Brendan Dassey to attend 'Wrestlemania'. Jonah Hill was hospitalized from ingesting too much fake cocaine.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.22.16)The guys talk about crazy spiderweb stories, Lou Pearlman died in prison at 62 years old, and Twitter now has a quality filter. Greg tells a crazy restaurant story from the weekend, Olympics swimmers admit to peeing in the pool, and we bring you the best in Weekend News. Jason can't handle grocery shopping without his wife, Tyra Banks is going to teach a class at Stanford, and Lochte Gate is trying to explain the details of the gun stick up.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (08.22.16)Bill Clinton has been offered a spot on DWTS every single season. There is more Prince news... he may have OD'ed by accident. Justin Timberlake mourns death of Lou Pearlman.

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