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Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.23.17)It's Pride Weekend and F&G have an appearance tonight, Johnny Depp made some crazy comments about killing the President, and the Warriors are going to be hosting a baseball game. We have your What the Friday stories, a model died after a whipped creme can hit her in the chest, and we're back with Fake News Friday. Our favorite drag queen Heklina joins us for some Pride trivia and we have more updates on Beyonce's twins.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (05.02.17)Johnny Depp has a disorder that you might have as well, '13 Reasons Why' is adding more warnings to the disclaimer on Netflix, and a new 'cheeky' trend is taking over Instagram. Greg's computer is dealing with a virus, the Netflix hacker is threatening to release more shows, and we play Win Greg's Money. Listeners call in to talk about spending time with people they hate, and one Warriors player throws shade at Utah.
Johnny Depp Surprises Fans On The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride At DisneylandThe star of the film series was also the star of the ride at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (04.27.17)We discuss Shan's upcoming housewarming party, Johnny Depp made an appearance at Disneyland to promote his movie, and Amazon has a new product to help you decide on your outfit. A new app shows us what we'd look like as babys and old people, Uber is finally coming out with self-driving cars, and we play Win Greg's Money. Greg's friend took her daughter's cell phone away and she was freaking out, and listeners call in about their punishments.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (04.27.17)Johnny Depp surprised people at Disneyland's 'Pirates' ride. Donald Trump has a button in his office or whenever he wants coke. Orlando Bloom says his son has a lot to live up to.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (02.01.17)Scott Disick fled from Costa Rica because of a fight with Kim and Kris over a side chick, and Starbucks added voice ordering to iPhone and Amazon Alexa. We give you our Weird News Wednesday, Johnny Depp has a spending habit of $2 million per month, and Greg's mom Ginger calls in. A new study says parents allow their kids to lie about their age online, listeners call to tell us about their social media experiences with their kids, and the Raiders lose another big time investor.
Johnny Depp $2M Monthly Spending To Blame For Money WoesDepp's former business managers countersued the actor, claiming his lavish lifestyle that cost more than $2 million a month to maintain caused his recent financial troubles...
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (01.19.17)Drake has already met J.Lo's twins as they go out on a date night. Johnny Depp thanks people for standing by him at People's Choice Awards. Kanye West is the focus of new Washington University course.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (09.08.16) Johnny Depp will try to solve Tupac and Biggie's murders in his next film. Tyga signed to Kanye West's record label and Twitter has its opinions. Calvin Harris regrets his nasty tweets about Taylor Swift.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.16.16)Greg tries some of Jackie's cannabis rub on his foot, Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram, and the way you eat Chinese food is about to change forever. Johnny Depp cut the tip of his finger in a fit of rage, and we play Win Greg's Money. We talk about what makes us self conscious, listeners call in to tell us what they dislike about themselves, and Kendall Jenner has a stalker in LA.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (08.16.16)Mariah Carey's billboard has been banned by 2 California airports. Johnny Depp cut off his fingertip during a fit of rage and wrote with his blood. Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram account!
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (05.31.16)The guys discuss the big Warriors win, Adele calls out a fan for filming during her concert, and there's a lot of drama surrounding the gorilla being killed at the zoo. Johnny Maxwell joins us live in studio to promote his new single, Johnny Depp went on tour with his band despite abuse rumors, and a New Orleans Pelican player was shot to death. Listeners call us to talk about wedding and baby shower gifts, Nick Jonas' music video casting call asked for mainly white girls, and the Sharks couldn't pull through last night.

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