Katy Perry

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Katy Perry Bikini Photos

Katy Perry getting Sexy on the Internet, again!


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Lorde Tells Diplo He Has a ‘Tiny Penis’ After He Tells Taylor Swift She Needs a ‘Booty’

Word to the wise Diplo, do not insult Taylor Swift unless you want to meet the wrath of Lorde.


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Katy Perry Gives The Finger, Shows Off New Tattoo

Katy Perry got a new tattoo and surprisingly, it’s of an iconic cartoon character.


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Musicians Dress Up for Halloween 2014: See Their Costumes

Halloween’s here again, and naturally it’s time to give everyone what they want to see: celebrities in costumes.


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The Most Basic Halloween Costumes Everyone Is Tired Of

Don’t Be Basic! Pick A New Costume!



Video: Katy Perry Cancels Egyptian Birthday Trip And We Find Isis In San Francisco

We found Isis in San Francisco and Katy Perry cancels her 30th birthday plans because of terrorism.

997 Now–10/23/2014

Katy Perry

Katy Perry Canceled 30th Birthday Celebration in Egypt Due to ‘Safety Concerns’

Katy Perry officially says goodbye her 20s this weekend, but she won’t be living it up in the country that partly inspired her “Dark Horse” video.


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Man Transforms Himself To Look Like Your Favorite Celebs!

Check out the pics and see if you can guess which celebrities he transformed in to with the help of make-up!

997 Now–10/14/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Daily Podcast! (10.14.14)

On today’s show: Amanda Bynes goes off the rails again, one female rapper gets into it with Snoop Dogg, and Raiders fans egg the Chargers team bus! Also, Katy Perry hints that she might perform at the Super Bowl, Wendy Williams gets sued by her interns, and an Eagles fan steals a prosthetic leg! Iggy Azalea leads American Music Award nominations, the Giants take on the Cardinals at AT&T Park today, and callers chime in with their intern nightmare stories! Plus, it’s Tuesday so that means the boys battle it out in Homo vs. Hetero!

997 Now–10/14/2014

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Fernando and Greg’s Gossip Closet! (10.14.14)

1. Amanda Bynes gets put in the psyche ward 2. Snoop Dogg disses Iggy on Insta 3. Iggy tells a photographer she hopes he catches Ebola and dies 4. Iggy leads American Music Award nominations […]

997 Now–10/14/2014



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