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Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (10.11.17)More fire updates for you, Justin Bieber wants to launch his acting career, and texting while distracted could end in disaster. We got your Weird News Wednesday, and we're goin down home with Greg's Mom Ginger. The guys talk to Adam Levine on the phone this morning, and Oprah admitted to depositing $2 million in the bank just for fun.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.15.17)Taylor Swift won the radio DJ case, the Bachelor in Paradise season premiere started off with the drama of the sexual assault, and Tiger Woods had more drugs in his system than we thought. Sending emojis in a work email can get you fired,  and we play Win Greg's Money. Teachers talk about dress code at their schools, and Oprah reveals why she was never married.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (08.04.17)The Weeknd might be retiring his stage name, Oprah says she needs to lost weight to be happy, and girls don't want guys to be chivalrous anymore. We give you the What the Friday stories of the day, Get Out got the largest ROI of any movie this year. Marlon Wayans joins us in studio, and Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend is standing up for her man.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (03.01.17)The guys discuss Ash Wednesday and lent, Lady Gaga has replaced Beyonce at Coachella, and snail slime is the new beauty trend. Weird News Wednesday involves an alive dead guy, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are done, and Greg's mom Ginger calls in. Physical first dates are getting more popular, listeners call in to tell us how they feel about these kinds of dates, and Oprah Winfrey might be running for President in the future.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (02.24.17)Greg fangirled over a celebrity yesterday, Simone Biles and Mr. T are joining the cast of DWTS, and Kanye West is giving Kyle a run for her money with a new makeup line. What the Friday involves a pineapple pizza ban, Beyonce is not performing at Coachella anymore, and Reality Wreck is a mess today. Big Reid and Jackie Hollywood go head to head in a Black History Month quiz, Oprah says she would be a bad mother if she had kids, and Steph Curry killed it at last nights Warriors vs Clippers game.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (02.24.17)The Rock visited In-N-Out for the first time ever. Mr. T and Simone Biles to compete on DWTS Season 24. Oprah says she would not be a good mom if she had kids.
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (02.01.17)Oprah goes back to her roots with '60 Minutes' segment. Scott Disick bolted from Costa Rica after fight with Kris and Kim. Migos wants in on the Super Bowl half time show & they're making it known.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (11.08.16)Today is Election Day so go out and vote, Kim Kardashian does not want to carry any more babies, and McDonald's will be offering two new Big Macs. We dissect Oprah's favorite things this year, snakes on a plane has a whole new meaning, and we play Win Greg's Money. Listeners call in to talk about annoying house guests, and Steph Curry beat another record!
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (08.31.16)Rob Kardashian speaks out on how Blac Chyna helped him through his dark times. Oprah brags about how much weight she has lost. Nick Viall has been chosen as the next 'Bachelor'.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.16.16)Greg calls out the people on the show who aren't supporting the Warriors, Oprah publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton, and Pink's Instagram account was hacked. No one seems to care about Father's Day, Taylor Swift rebounded from Calvin Harris quickly, and the ladies play homo vs hetero. Big Reid got out of a ticket by saying he was a radio personality, listeners call in to tell us how they've gotten out of tickets, and the Oracle arena has been full of stars lately.
Fernando and Greg's Daily Podcast! (06.03.16)Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris broke up because she was too much in the spotlight, Jackie Hollywood gives us the highlights from Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and Lamar Odom is still on crack. The Donald Trump rally in San Jose resulted in tons of violence, Prince's death has more details, and the guys talk about some of us still living with our parents. Listeners call in to talk about the perks of living at home, Oprah credits her weight loss to her partner, and game 2 of the finals is on Sunday!
Fernando and Greg's Gossip Closet! (05.19.16)Oprah says she'll continue to stick with Weight Watchers for the long haul. Jason Momoa makes a funny comment about Emilia Clarke's nude GoT scene. Last night's Warriors games blew our minds as usual... Curry killed it! Blake Lively is being criticized for an insensitive Instagram caption.

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