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#FINALSTRAW - National Unfriend Day#FinalStraw discusses the importance of Real Life vs. Online
Study Says You Lurk On Your Sad, Less Successful Facebook Friends When You Feel DownAre you a sad friend lurker?
Ello: Our Review Of The Brand New (Ad-Free!) Social NetworkDo you Ello?
The Emoji Only Social NetworkAre you ready for the new social media app that is simply for emojis only!?
Facebook Tried To Alter Mood Of Nearly 700,000 By Tweaking News FeedsFacebook is getting a face-full of outrage Monday from privacy advocates after it was revealed that the social network conducted a psychological experiment on unwitting users.
Facebook Marks 10th Birthday, Will It Last Another Decade?Facebook will mark 10 years since its creation Tuesday, and despite an estimated 1.2 billion friends and $153 billion market cap there are plenty of folks eager to predict the end for the social giant.
Father Pays Daughter $200 To Stay Off Facebook A Boston-area father used a powerful incentive to lure his teenage daughter off of the social networking site Facebook: money.
Justin Timberlake Going Back In The Studio This Summer!!
Oscar Winners 2011 Announced Here Live!
Win a Copy of Social Network the Movie of the Year!
5 Hidden Dangers of Facebook

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