Morning Show Not Invited To Warriors Media Day!
Aww man well we didn't get invited this year. Most likely because of the questions our girl Shan Berries decided to ask last year! Haha its all good we STILL LOVE OUR WARRIORS! Dub Nation! (9/27/2016)
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Raiders In First Place! Big Reid Agrees To Get Naked!The Oakland Raiders are now in first place and Big Reid who is a HUGE Raiders fan is excited. He even agreed to do something CRAZY if the Raiders make the Super Bowl!
Selena Gomez Is Getting Professional Help!Selena Gomez has allegedly entered a rehab facility to help with her battle with depression. Depression is serious and the entire Fernando and Greg Morning Show send their well wishes and support to Selena! ❤️
Jimmy Fallon vs. James Corden!Word is that Jimmy Fallon allegedly feels like James Corden is stealing his "spotlight" although they don't directly compete with each other it seems like someone is a liiitttllle salty! (10.10.2016)
The Creepy Clowns Made It To The Bay Area And Big Reid Isn't Having It!Clowns have been tormenting people around the country by chasing, staring at them, and kinda just standing there! Its CREEPY! Peep Show producer Big Reid has made it clear, he wants nothing to do with them.
Jackie Hollywood Clownin' AroundClownin' around the station ...
Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery Possibly An Inside Job!Woah! Well that sucks! If you haven't heard already Kim Kardashian West was robbed over the weekend at GUNPOINT in Paris and now information and allegations are surfacing that it was possible an inside job! Craaazzzy! (10.4.2016)


American Authors Play 'Perfection' With JaynAmerican Authors stopped by to chat with Jayn and play a game of 'Perfection.' The guys talked about their favorite songs, best part of touring, what to wear for Halloween, and more.
Special Bottle ServiceThis story takes self service to another level! A 50-year old man decided to pleasure himself with a bottle and got stuck. His extremities were trapped inside like a ship (in a bottle) for four full days! Eventually, the area turned black and had to be amputated by a doctor. What kind of bottle did he even use?!
Above Average In The BedroomAre there certain traits that let you know whether a lover will be satisfactory in the bedroom? According to this study, kissing, empathy, and many other non-sexual behaviors can serve as tests before getting down and dirty. What are some actions outside of the bedroom that give hints about your partner's sexual prowess?

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