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How Do You Use Your Toilet Paper? Lol!WARNING:So there is a survey out asking people how they use their toilet paper. Fernando and Greg have unique ways. What about you?
Oxford Dictionaries Picks Their Word Of The Year... KindaThe runner up this year was "On Fleek" so you can only imagine what the winning word (Its kinda not a word) was... Lol (11.17.2015)
Katy Perry's Dad Defends Her Against Angry Christian Mom!Katy's Dad was in Phoenix recently when he was confronted by a very angry Christian mother who said that Katy is 'wicked' and he wasn't having it. (11.13.2015)
Jennifer Lawrence Says She's Single And Lonely!Ummmm what?!!?!?! How is this even possible? Movie star Jennifer Lawrence is letting the world know that she is single and lonely. Apparently she can't find the right guy. (11.12.15)
Jim Harbaugh Throws Shots At 49ers!Well here comes Jim haha well he didn't exactly point the finger at the 49ers or former starting Quarterback Colin Kaepernick but its pretty obvious who he was talking about. (11.11.2015)
Adele Drunk Tweets Got Her In TroubleWell she doesn't do it anymore but when Adele used to drunk tweet she used to get in trouble. I think a lot of us are guilty of drunk tweeting! (11.09.15)
Donald Trump Set To Host SNL And A Large Protest Has Been Planned!Donald Trump's remarks during his bid to be President this time around have landed him in hot water with a lot of people. Do you plan to watch as he hosts SNL? (11.06.15)
Interview: DNCE Have A Quirky Chat With Christian About Forming, Touring And Randomness!Joe Jonas' brand new group DNCE chose San Francisco as the first city of their first ever tour! On this special day, the group made time for a quirky and fun interview with our very own Christian!
The Highest Paid Women In Music Is...Can you guess off the top of your head who it is? You might be surprised! Maybe not..
Justin Bieber Is Still In Love With Selena GomezIn a recent interview Justin opened up about his feelings for Selena Gomez. Hmm, you would think the songs that he has been releasing might be about her. (11.4.2015)
Kaepernick Benched And Vernon Davis Is Traded! What's Next For The 49ers?Everything continues to fall apart for the 49ers while the Oakland Raiders continue to improve. Kaepernick has been FINALLY benched but now Vernon Davis is gone. What will happen next?
Time-lapse: Fernando And Greg Halloween Make Up!Fernando and Greg celebrated Halloween a day earlier by inviting some friends inside the studio ti put on their make up! Here is a time-lapse video of all the action! (10.30.2015)
Interview: Years & Years Talk To Christian About San Francisco, Album #2 & More!During their recent visit to San Francisco, Years & Years took time out of their busy schedule for an interview with our very own Christian!
Taylor Swift Strikes Back! Countersues DJ After He Allegedly Touches Her Inappropriately!A few months ago Fernando and Greg let you know about a lawsuit a Denver DJ filed after he was fired after allegedly grabbing Taylor Swifts butt... Now Taylor has decided to fire back with her own lawsuit! (10.29.15)
Justin Bieber Previews ‘Purpose’ Tracks Via Community Service
Will Justin Bieber’s New Album Be Banned in Muslim Countries?
Why Is Rihanna Single?

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