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Shawn Wayans Talks Having Gay Friends, New Movies, and White Chicks 2!Actor and Comedian Shawn Wayans stopped by to talk to Fernando and Greg about everything from Donald Trump to White Chicks 2! (10.02.2015)
Colin Kaepernick's Days May Be Numbered!Uhhh Ohhh looks like Colin Kaepernick's days as a started may be numbered. When his coach was asked about possibly looking at the backup his answer was not convincing. (9.29.2015)
Raiders Continue To Improve While The 49ers Get Worse!Looks like the tables have turned when it comes to Bay Area football! The Raiders have almost reached their win total from last year while the 49ers continue to struggle.
Indiana Mom Jumps From Her Moving Car After Seeing A Spider, Causing Accident That Injured Her 9-Year-Old Son!Everyone is scared of something but this lady is clearly terrified of spiders.
Australia Could Be The Next Country Chris Brown Is Banned FromLooks like Chris Brown can't get around his past. Australia government is looking to put a stop to his planned tour in the country. (9.24.2015)
The List Of Highest Earning Rap Stars Has Been Released!You would think the younger artist are getting a lot of money since they show off so much but that is far from the case. (9.23.2015)
Retired NBA Star Shaquille O'neal Drops Some New Music!Apparently Shaq and his squad keeps it 'Lit' watch as Fernando and Greg react to his new music. (9.22.2015)
Raiders Win A Big Game While The 49ers Lose Big Time!This week things changed a little bit in the minds of Bay Area football fans with the Oakland Raiders winning a huge game and the 49ers getting blown out. (9.21.2015)
Kris Jenner Didn't Approve Of Kylie's Lip Injections!Kris Jenner was upset and didn't approve of Kylie's new lips. But since Kylie was 17 years old at the time who signed the documents to allow it to happen? (9.17.2015)
Awkward Bathroom Conversations, Are You Guilty?Do you get uncomfortable when someone randomly starts having a conversation with you in the bathroom?
Like it Or Not? 49ers Debut New Alternate Uniforms During MNF!The 49ers had a impressive start to the NFL season but fans were less than pleased with the new alternate uniforms.
CL Talks To Christian For An Introductory Radio InterviewInternational superstar CL was in town for Mad Decent Block Party and I was given the chance to do a very special interview with her! This interview is unique because a lot of people in the United States might not be familiar with CL or her background in the music industry. I hope this interview serves as a great introduction to CL.
Radio DJ Suing Taylor Swift After Being Fired For Allegedly Touching Her Butt!Woah!?! So allegedly a radio DJ was backstage with Taylor and during a picture allegedly touched her butt. (9.14.2015)
Fernando and Jason Square Off In Greg's Football Trivia Game!Fernando and Jason tried as best as they can to answer of of Gregs questions. But, it did not turn out as good as they hoped!